Simple as uno, dos tres

STEP 1 - Choose your style
Item Description    
Item Description Regular Small
Burrito Flour tortilla wrap, with white or brown rice, beans (black or pinto) or fajitas, choice of meats, salsa, cheese, sour cream & lettuce
Vegetarian Burrito Flour tortilla wrap with rice, beans, sautéed peppers & onions, guacamole and salsa
Salad Box Mixed leaf salad base
STEP 2 - Choose your filling
Item Description    
Item Description Regular Small
Grilled Chicken (Halal) Marinated overnight in our signature adobo sauce, then chargrilled
Chicken Tinga (Halal) A mildly spiced chicken dish cooked with smokey, chipotle chillis
Barbacoa (Beef) Slowly cooked for hours with herbs and spices, then shredded
Carnitas(Pork) Slowly cooked for hours in orange juice, herbs and spices, then shredded
Add Guacamole Made with Haas avocados (included in the vegetarian burrito)
Add Chorizo Lightly sautéed in its own oils
Add Extra Meat
STEP 3 - Choose your salsa or salad dressing
Item Description
Item Description
Salsa Mexicana Mild, chunky tomato and onion salsa with jalapenos and citrus
Corn Salsa Mild–medium refreshing spiced corn salsa
Salsa Verde Medium salsa with serrano chillis and Mexican tomatillos
Habanero Hot Salsa Hot, hot, hot habanero chilli pepper salsa
Inferno Salsa Blow your head off inferno salsa with hot chilli probably shouldn't! (seasonal)
Salad dressing See specials board
Item Description    
Item Description Regular Small
Tortilla Chips (Plain or Chilli)
Salsa Side
Guacamole Side
Item Description  
Item Description  
Juices & Smoothies
Bottled Mineral Water Still or Sparkling
Soda Coke/Diet Coke & Exotics